river ceiriog


The Ceiriog rises on the peat moorlands of Wales’ Berwyn Mountains at a height of 1800 feet and flows for 18 miles to join the River Dee below  Ruabon.

Ceiriog Fly Fishers owns and leases the fishing rights of about 8 miles mostly from both banks of the river in its lower reaches near the town of Chirk.

The river is mostly fast flowing over stones, pebbles and gravel but there are many riffles, glides , weir pools and deep pools and this great range of river environment makes for demanding yet enjoyable fly fishing.

The Ceiriog valley is extremely picturesque with meadows , farms,

wooded hillsides and valley floor woods, and stone bridges.

The river and its valley are crossed by the massive Chirk Viaduct ( a railway bridge) and just a few yards away the Chirk Aquaduct which carries the Shropshire Union canal in a cast iron trough in the magnificent and imposing stone structure designed by Thomas Telford.

The river environment is managed in conjunction with Environment Agency,

Wild Trout Trust and landowners and river work is undertaken by contractors and club working parties. The Club has a keeper who supervises fishing on the river and watches for any poaching actity. 


The Ceiriog is regarded as one of the best rain fed streams in the land......


are the principal game fish in the river. Ceiriog Fly Fishers regularly stocks our stretches of the river with fish up to 12 inches and some larger fish. The river also holds natural wild brownies which thrive in the excellent waters and on the natural fly life and habitat


are found naturally in the lowest stretches of our  river and provide sport in autumn and early winter.


used to run in excellent numbers in the Ceiriog 50 years ago but declined. However the last few years have seen a welcome return of sea trout .